Sunday, July 18, 2010

ANFSCD: A Political Hijacking!

Whilst strictly not a political blog - at this time it is so important which direction this country is heading. Whoever you vote for, do take a look. It is a very clean and awesomely quiet way of political advertising.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Giraffe Friend

I have decided to try and pretty this blog up a little bit. Hence a new Giraffe friend on the side bar. We'll see how this goes but for now, here he is again, in bigger form. Appreciate the size of the giraffe.

Whilst I hesitate in writing this, he is one of the cutest, most favouritist things I have drawn in a long while. Completely silly legs! Originally appeared in Greenzine Vol 2 Issue 2, 2010.

Creative Blockage.

Well, it seems to have finally opened out. The sucker has lifted and water is once again free to run through the pipes. It seems my little thesis is back on the bike. We may be right near the start of Le Tour de France but we are up and riding... and BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

Writing blocks are the stuff of legend, well not really but people always talk about them. Discuss them. Dismiss them. (Bastards). But the reality is that you may not completely stop writing but you start treading water. For days, weeks and even months. You might write 16 pages of script with only two you consider worth keeping. Things are ticking over and stewing but never moving forward. Around a bit, true. Or perhaps to the side but never significantly forward.

So what lightening bolt strikes away the blockage? It isn't lightening bolt. It is a little chisel that whittles it away! A wonderful chisel of lightening.

You see, watching almost the complete box set of the Vicar of Dibley helped. So did receiving a shock new deadline. So did reading through all the old notes from last semester. As did reading those new books from the ERC. And realising that there are words, and script, and writing, and theatre, and literature in a play. And hard questions and facing them and answering them are also very important. That mind map is worth using, yes for methodology, but what does it all mean? Why is one writing it at all? And this is the final bit to ensure renewed flow. There is after all a point to this awfully slow and painful procrastination. There is a point to what I am writing. There is a point to this thesis.

And that point is what I want to share. And will share, at the end of the race. (Wearing yellow of course)!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There you go then!

"Words - What we read, express, peform and write."


Words - What we read, express, perform and write.

Excuse the minor (if integral) spelling mistake that has for a while graced my blog. You look at something for a while and WHAM! it hits you. All correct now.

This Little Meerkat

Isn't he little...

Squeal! I LOVE meerkats.

Ever since The Lion King and Timon they have been a adorable presence in my world. Totally cute and sweet and teeny-tiny. This little meerkat was in the Greenzine issue 2 volume 2 2010. I think I drew him from a picture/photo found online or in a book somewhere. Anyway it was surprisingly hard to draw from memory and I had to seek a stimulus. I guess we don't see them everyday! Shame. The world might be a better place if we had more little meerkats in our lives!

Another Beach Photo

Again, this one is courtesy of the father half of the parent department. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Shot! I do feel a little bad, for stealing (with permission of course) these images to decorate my blog: but you know, they deserve to be shared, as they are so prettyful! The light again in this one is incredible. Glowing clouds are awesome! Plus all the levels in the image are great, fore, mid and back ground layers all work together really well for an integrated scene. Impressive - oh yes! Sometimes give a camera to someone and they'll surprise you.

Beach Views

My dad took this photo recently, down on the Bay. We currently have it as the desktop background so I thought you might like to share in the sparkle and light that shines out of our screen at the moment. It is a wonderful snap - the best of a series. If you look closely you can see a cormorant opening it's wings on the rocky outcrop. Sometiems even a little bit of Nature can be so special. Which is why we need to work with it, not against it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vampires? No thanks!


I have read the Twilight Saga and didn't completely vomit, or collapse or hang myself. I wouldn't describe it as quality writing or literature but it was mildly diverting. Would I be recommending millions of people should be reading it. NO. But there we are these trends just happen, regardless of common sense. (Which appears to not be that common).

Unfortunatley the rampant-success of such crappy writing (entertaining on occaision but essentially un-crafted and minimal plot) is that it spawns undead offspring.

I work in a bookshop that has been TAKEN OVER BY VAMPIRE NOVELS. It is totally the worst thing. Such drivel. Such appalling covers - for a start. The blurbs are ALL THE SAME and the content is completely devoid of anything close to originality.

Anyways, the catalyst for this somewhat-bitchy diatribe is the fact that somebody and a publisher have teamed up to publish the mother-of-all-shitty-exploiting-of-trends-in-popular-culture books. Cashing in on vampire-mania plus the extremely successful series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We are now blessed with DIARY OF A WIMPY VAMPIRE. Okay. What is with this?! There is no connection to the author Jeff Kinney who wrote the Wimpy Kid series but it essentially copies the format, style and content of his series, except with ... wait for it... a vampire as the main character. This is outrageous!
I inherited the Vlad the Drac series from my brother. It was fun, vegetarian, and not a sparkle in sight. Vlad was a dear little thing who ate tomato sauce and floor-polish. It may not have been sophisticated but there is nothing else I have ever come across like it. Written for kids, and loved by kids. Vampires before they got hijacked by anyone and everyone. It is not some commercial mash-up that samples the market place. Children deserve more than that. There is amazing children's literature and then there rubbish that is being force-fed down the throats of booksellers and customers.

It may sell. But ultimately, it is unworthy of anyone who has any discenment at all.

Team Jacob